Lesson 67 – The List

Things that Tash loves:

(In no particular order)

Cheesymite scrolls
A warm, loving hug
Being in Australia
A new dress
Open dialogue with people of different faiths and belief systems
Freddo ice-cream cake
Her babies
Her family
Her friends
Good writing
Being treated with respect
TeeVee Snacks
A sleep in until lunchtime
Mama’s honey cake
Dumplings on Tattersall’s Lane
Being in England
Colour co-ordination
Nailing an audition
Being in new places
The colour red
Meeting new and exciting people
Being a member of a free democracy where all people have a right to vote
Cherry Ripes
A long, hot shower
Feeling loved
Feeling safe
Feeling empowered
Feeling important
Feeling valued
The knowledge that the sun will rise tomorrow
The ability to quote music theatre lyrics whenever she likes
The privilege to live with hope
The sacrifices made by the many before her
Being a cheerleader for all those who deserve or need one
Making ridiculous lists to prove a point
Did I mention voting?
Please, England.
Please vote.



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