Lesson 73 – Secluded Paradise

Have you ever been to an island paradise?
I sure hadn’t.
Until this week.

I am in one.
Right now.
As I type this.
I’m sitting in a paradise.

Sure, the weather is exceptionally humid.
My frizz is next level.
The weather is moody.
Monsoons one minute and beating sun the next.
And sure, there are mosquitoes to look out for.
But, guys, this is a paradise.

I’m in Vietnam.
More specifically, I’m on one of the Con Dao islands of Vietnam.
And I’m in an exceptionally fortunate situation to be experiencing the kind of holiday that I would not (could not) book for myself.
I’m in a high-end resort…
Complete with private villa, secluded beach and free daily ice-cream bar.
And I realise this isn’t actually Vietnam.
This is a bubble.
This isn’t anywhere.
… Except paradise.

So what does one do when one finds themself in such a place?
One enjoys every damned moment – because one has no idea when one will have the opportunity again.
One realises that life has been emotionally taxing so far this year and allows oneself to relax and rest.
One remembers that some lucky people live like this all the time but one makes a note to oneself to maintain the appreciation for this experience.
One tries to treat the downtime like a writers’ retreat and pen the sitcom they promised to write.
And one relishes the precious and wonderful experiences with one’s wonderful travel partner.

Next week, a life that has been put on hold for months, resumes its regular programming.
I don’t know if I even remember what that means.
All I know is that I’m not eating the apple of this Eden before I have to.

And what I’m taking from this is that whether you find a literal island paradise in which to take a break or a metaphorical island paradise – we all need one now and then.
Take a break.
If you can afford to go all out on a fancy resort, do it.
If you can’t, lock yourself away from the world for a weekend.
Run the bath, light some candles, blast the music.

And, when in doubt, open the windows wide and enjoy the warm, humid thunderstorm illuminating the night sky before you.




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