Lesson 86 – Me Too

Me too.
Of course.
Us all.

Me too.
The usual.
The expected.

It shouldn’t be expected.
It shouldn’t be usual.
It shouldn’t be par for the course.
But I am female.
So it is.

Me too.
Males too.
Transgender people too.
Gender non-conforming too.
All colours, creeds, faiths and genders too.

Me too.
Things that I’ve never said out loud.
To anyone.
Experiences I remember.
Experiences I carry with me.

I am not special.
No more special than the next #metoo person around town.
Me too.

Us all.

Me too.
I feel a shift.
I feel like we’re on the cusp of something.
Teetering on the brink of balance.
One man did horrible things.
To many people.
That’s awful.

Me too.
I hope that people start shifting the subject of these issues from the victims to the perpetrators.

Me too.
I’m trying to find a silver lining and hope that the publicity of the story of this one, terrible man who seriously abused his position of power will herald a significant shift in the way other people view sexual assault/harassment/abuse.

Me too.
I have experiences I wish I didn’t have.
Thankfully, my experiences of good outweigh those of the bad.
Me too.
Me too.
Me too.




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