Lesson 75 – To Cry, or Not to Cry, That is the Question

So sometimes life wins.
Do you know what I mean?
Sometimes things stack up.
One by one.
Things happen.
And it’s just too much.
Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that many things.
Just one.
Or two.
But they catch you off guard.
They catch you at a bad time.
And that’s it.
It’s over.
No more.
I’m done.

I have two strong halves to my personality.
One is clearly of my mother.
And the other I can easily identify as having come from my father.
Each half has its own strengths.
And its own weaknesses.
But because of these two separate personalities that equally dictate my responses to situations, I can sometimes manipulate which I feel.
And when.

When the odds to stack up against me, my immediate reaction is to throw my arms up in the air.
To exclaim something like “What’s the point?” and give up on it all.
To sit and sulk.
To let the anger swell and rage.
And have no outlet for any of it.

But then I remember my other option.
Take a minute.
And look at the situation again.
Pick a solution.
Pick a way forward.
And march on ahead.

Now, I’m not saying which trait comes from which parent – although any who know either of my folks will be able to keenly identify one from the other – I’m just saying that the blessing of knowing how they look on other people, means knowing how to wear each personality best for myself…

And when stoves blow fuses in my house…
And when my computer decides to give up the ghost…
And when the rain ruins my freshly styled new ‘do…
And when whatever else that can go wrong does go wrong…
I may want to sit and cry…
Or scream…
Or yell…
Or shout…
But I won’t.
(This is me telling myself, by way of telling you, my bunnies)
I will pause.
I will take a breath.
I will calm the swirling ball of anger that wants to grow in my stomach.
And then I will march right on through.

Come for me again, bad day – I DARE YOU!




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