Lesson 69 – True Love

love green.

One of my babies has said this to me.
A number of times.

love green.

I thought about it.

Then she was equally emphatic about her love of milk.

love milk.

When was the last time I was so sure of my own love for something?
Or for some one?

I love Vikings.
But then, I’ve been telling people that for years.
I love Elvis.
But that ain’t news to anyone either.
Is that it though?
What else do I love so much it deserves to be declared with her level of intense passion?

I do love Vikings.
That’s true.
But are Vikings my “green”?
Are Vikings my “milk”?


love green.

What other colours do you love?

I love pink.
And purple.
And yellow.
And all the colours of the rainbow.

Do you love my favourite colour?
Do you love red?

Auntie Tasha, I told you – I love all the colours of the rainbow.
And I love green.

What’s your sister’s favourite colour?

She just loves blue.


She just loves blue.
As if no-one else’s love comes close.
No-one else has ever known love the way that she feels it.
She and green have such an intense bond that there’s no point in comparing it with any other.
She and milk have such a serious connection that there’s no-one else who’d understand it.

Thinking about it, I guess we do maintain our love for things as we grow up.
We just emphasise them in different ways

So there we go.
She loves green.
And milk.
And I love lots of things that I try to remind myself of most days.

And with a love like that, she’s top of the list of people I love too…




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