Lesson 71 – Sitcom by the Pool

I need to do something with that idea.

So write a 20 minute pilot episode.

I don’t write for screen.

You’re a writer, aren’t you?


So why can’t you write for screen?
What’s the difference?

My brain doesn’t work that way.

Which way?

I can’t visualise the scenes.

Then download some example screenwriting scenes online.
Get an app that teaches you how to lay it out.

I know how a script looks.
On the page.
I know how to format it.
I mean I can’t visualise them happening.
The scenes.

Then just write something like this.
You and I are walking down the street.
It’s raining.

We have umbrellas.
We’re having a conversation.

That’s not what I mean.
I can visualise that.
But my brain works in…
I can picture how the play looks when I write it.
Maybe not second by second or scene by scene.
But I have a vision for it.
It doesn’t do that for screen stuff.

Stop making excuses.
Just write it.

Stop being right.

So are you going to write it?

I have three days by a pool.
I’ll write it then.

And are you going to send it to me?

I’ll write a 20 minute pilot.
And I’ll send it to you.
And you can make it brilliant and get it made and do all the rest of the work and I’ll just act in it.

I do all the rest of the work?

And then we can live in New York while we make it.
And we’ll all live happily ever after.

We’re not living happily ever after.

I know.
Way to screw up a good ending.


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