Lesson 91 – Uh Oh

Where does one go from here?
Where does one direct their thoughts?
And words?
And ideas?

This started out as a place for Rabbit Ash and her ramblings.
It morphed into a creative writing space for Tash.
And now, as I’m nearing 100 posts, I wonder what is left?
What more can I offer?
What more can I say that hasn’t been said?

I could continue to ramble.
But I wouldn’t want to be associated with some other ramblers.

I could reduce the frequency of my postings.
But that defeats the purpose of motivating my own self-discipline as a writer.

I could write a whole story and publish it week by week.
Like an old-style novel would be published.
But that scares me.

So that’s probably what I should do.


This week heralds the start of a new series.
One that I will have to think more carefully about.
And become more organised about.
But here we go…

Stay tuned for an original Tash story.
In weekly installments.




4 thoughts on “Lesson 91 – Uh Oh

  1. I’m off to a school today to guide 80 teens through creating stories in 25 tiny segments as a kind of story advent calendar… something lovely about a story in little bite sized chunks…

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