Welcome to the Shul of Tash

According to Urban Dictionary:


Yiddish slang for synagogue. “Oy vey! We’re late for shul!”


A name given to someone who is extremely weird, unique, random and spontaneous.

The Shul of Tash

A place for THIS Tash to share her theories on everything – with the kind of Jewish levity that those who know her have come to expect… 

In the beginning…

G-d created Man. He was called Big Al.

From his rib, G-d created Ruthy.

Although, to be fair, I don’t think my parents are created one from the other. Because that’s weird. I’m already created from a fusion of them both.
So let’s put that to one side and move along.

Big Al and Ruthy left the Garden of Eden, the day that Tash was born.
Paradise was over.

And the world has been struggling to recover ever since.
This Tash was one of a generation who each believed themselves to be special. Who each believed themselves to be unique. And who each believed themselves to be the funniest people on the planet and therefore deserving of an appreciative audience.
So Tash finally started a blog.
Unlike a lot of other facets of her life, this was one where the laughter of her audience wouldn’t be audibly received, and yet, she felt as though she was called upon, by a greater power, to start this new chapter of her life.
(Get it? “Chapter”? Get it? … this is where I’m missing the instant reactions…)

So. Tash said unto the people “Behold! Subscribe! Let us wander this desert of blank pages together – but perhaps not for 40 years. That’s too long. Who can be bothered with that? I wouldn’t read a 40 year long blog. So I won’t do that to you…”

… and after another 40 minutes of inane mumblings, she shut up.

and then she linked to her first lesson.



8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Shul of Tash

  1. oy there – up way too late over here and this is what I discover…!?
    p.s. I was laughing (mildly), but you probably never heard it…


  2. well I got inspired to write mr simon stephens an email and discovered your invite so one thing led t another and now i haven’t written to simon stephens …


  3. did and done and also sent one to you via Shul of Tash email but ‘who knows’ (throws up his hands in vaguely jewish gesture) whether you even receive that or it’s some wordpress robot (…strangely apt)

    so if you do, reply there… (sounding even more jewish … that’s worrying!)

    Liked by 1 person

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