Lesson 34

Weird things have happened this week.
Well, not that weird.
But strange enough.

The thing is, things like this happen to me every now and then.
And they happen all at once.
And I wonder – often out loud – why?
Until I step outside.
And I see why.

There’s a full moon.

The strange things generally involve men.
The strange things that happen to me during a full moon, anyway.
And they usually involve men I haven’t spoken to/heard from in a while.

This week, it started with a missed call from a guy I met on Tinder way over a year ago.
We never actually met up in person, but had swapped numbers for the purpose of texting.
In the way these things sometimes go, the texting had waned and that was the end of that.
But there he was, calling me.
If it had been the first time, I’d think it was an accident.
Or a mistake.
But he did this about six months ago too.
Also around a full moon.
I’m glad I didn’t delete his number from my phone, because now I know not to answer when it’s him!

Then there have been conversations with other former men of my life.
One of whom was referred to all the way back here.
Player #3 as he’s now known.
He’s reappeared.
As he does.
Every now and then.
Dropping thought bombs as always – or, more to the point, giving me more and more to over-think about.
He drops words like wife and baby and other things that make my overactive brain blow steam out of my ears as it tries to compute the information and analyse it for the mind-game that it is.

There have been a few other things pop up here and there – including the kinds of double takes from men on the street or at the tube station, that happen more often at this time of the month – and every single time there is a cluster of such man-tention, it is a full moon.

Lesson 34

It’s a well-known fact that emergency service workers steel themselves for long nights when each full moon falls.
And there are plenty of studies debating whether the moon does have an effect on us mere humans or whether it’s some bizarre global coincidence that everyone goes a little crazy at the same time there’s a big, bright ball in the night sky.

All I know is this:
I don’t see this kind of behaviour EVERY full moon.
But when I do see it, I see it because it’s coming from all sides.

Some months, it’s a matter of getting texts/facebook messages/whatsapps/phone calls from boys I haven’t heard from in a long time.
Some months, it’s a matter of being asked out by four or five guys in one week.
Some months, it’s having intimate and probing conversations with boys who are still in my life (although not in a current relationship with me).

And although I know the why is answered with “Oh. It’s a full moon. Of course!”, there’s still a further why that I can’t answer.

The Pillow-Woman and I were discussing intuition and a desire to mind-read certain male-folk yesterday.
She and I have each found our superpower of psychic intuition in previous circumstances.
Every now and then one of us will get a feeling or a dream or be hit with a vision and just know what is about to happen.
But we can’t control it.
We can’t control when this intuition hits.
And we can’t manipulate it to work the other way – i.e. use it to will that boy to call.

It feels like my personal full moon phenomenon – #FMP – is somehow linked in to all of that.
Can I get a psychic guru to teach me how to use this power for evil, not good?
Then, we’re all going #jewhusbandhunting




2 thoughts on “Lesson 34

  1. One could argue, dear Rabbit Ash, that with your raven hair and pale complexion, that a full moon only heightens your appeal and in truth, a very fair moon nymph you would make.
    It may be that ‘luna-ttraction’ that is draws the boys to you at this time, like so many moths to a moonlit flame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that is a beautifully written response, dr kiwi face AND a beautiful compliment (and we all know i’m bad at taking those), so i’ll just say “thanks!” and hop along 🙂 x


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