Lesson 90 – Someone Else’s Happiness

I was ecstatic.
I was shaking with joy.
I had been so nervous that I could hear my heart beating from inside my chest.
And then…
After all of the necessary preamble and unecessary dramatic tension…
The answer.
The words we’d been waiting to hear.
It was so quiet I didn’t quite believe it.
Had I imagined it?
Had he really just said that?
The answer was yes?

I had been so terrified that I’d hear a no.
I was in the UK for Brexit.
I had lived in a bubble of “it will never happen” and then it happened.
I didn’t want the same thing to repeat.

I had been so terrified that I’d hear a no.
I had lost confidence in trusting positivity.

And then I thought about it.
Are these my emotions to feel?
This isn’t my issue.
I mean, it is
In that it’s everyone’s issue…
But it’s not.
In that I don’t need these changes for my life.
In any way except in the way that I expect fair treatment for all human people.

So I am overjoyed.
As are we all…
Or at least, the majority of us all are.
I know there’s so much more to happen before the big celebrations.
Before the rainbow cakes at weddings that have been planned for decades.
But it’s not my happiness.
And it’s not my place to dictate how anyone else feels.
Least of all those who are directly effected.

So whilst I am ecstatic…
This is not about me.
Or a lot of us.

But it is someone else’s happiness.

And for that, we should all be happy.

Look after each other, Australia.




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