Lesson 62 – The Action Plan


I have a plan

A plan?

An action plan

What is the difference between a plan
And an action plan?

The song

Which song?

Action plan
Action plan
Does whatever an action plan

That’s a shit song

You’re a shit song

So what is your action plan?

Win over


What do you mean?

How will you win over
And conquer?

I can’t plan that

Isn’t that the point of an action plan?


It’s not?


Then what is the point?

To have an action plan

I feel like we’re talking in circles

Then you don’t understand
You don’t understand the power
Of an action plan

I understand the power of your delusions

It’s not delusional
It’s functional
I plan where I’ll be
I plan how I’ll look
I plan my reasons for being there
Then I let the universe take care of the rest

Why don’t you plan the meeting?

That can’t be planned

But you’re sure it’ll happen

Of course
I’ve planned the outfit




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