Lesson 21


A friend of mine hosted a dinner party for some friends this week.
It was a conundrum.
She had to cater for:
One who couldn’t eat gluten.
One who wouldn’t eat meat.
One who was lactose free.
But she still wanted a tasty meal!

In this crazy world of allergies and diets it can feel almost impossible to cater to all needs in one simple meal whilst making it tasty for all…
But, as we were sitting there, bemoaning the difficulties she faced in finding a suitable menu, I had a brainwave!
“Google “Kosher for Passover” recipes!” says I.

It was way, way, waaaaaay back in Lesson One – which feels like an age ago now – when I explained the observances of this festival to you all.
Well, I outlined how I feel we should be observing it anyway.
But, as I explained to said friend (who shall now be known as Miss Masters), the benefits of the dietary restrictions of Passover as they currently stand, mean that the most Kosher of observers won’t mix meat and dairy and there will be no banned gluten within these dishes.

Obviously, with a lactose-free diner AND a vegetarian diner, this could’ve thrown up a dish for each.
But we were determined to find something to cater to all.
In one, ready-to-please-all dish.

So Google we did.

What we discovered was a wide range of options.
A wide, wide range.
And, unsurprisingly (to me, at least) these were listed in categories and sub-categories for ease of reference.

What we also discovered was that websites can still look like they were designed in 1994.
This website alone led us onto a comedic hour or so riffing on the joys of using a “4” instead of a “for”.
We loved the fact that very digit was rotating for added effect.
There was a simple clip-art style graphic of a granny holding a steaming plate of what one can only presume was a Kosher for Passover meal.
It was fantastic.

I can’t comment to the quality of the dishes listed.
I hope they were of a higher quality than the site.
I can’t give an opinion on their level of tastiness.
I hope they were in better taste than the site.
I can’t offer suggestions for which to try first.
We certainly couldn’t choose…
Miss Masters opted not to use any of our unnamed Granny’s offerings.

We searched on.

Martha Stewart is well known for being a home-making goddess.
She is also infamous for having been incarcerated – to the point that there’s a character in the latest season of OITNB who is clearly based upon Lady Stewart.
Martha Stewart – also according to Google – is an authority on Kosher for Passover recipes.
What can’t that woman do?!
Gourmet delights.
Culinary genius.
The lot of them.
All of her recipes.
… I’m guessing.
Because Miss Masters didn’t take Miss Martha up on her list of options either.

Our hostess (who undoubtedly has the most-est) found some other recipe on some other website that didn’t credit the Jews at all.

I’ll forgive her – it did look delicious…

But once again, a lesson has emerged:
Will the surprises never cease?!

Lesson 21

No matter the reasons that people don’t eat things, people will always have dietary restrictions.

choose not to eat some things.
can’t eat some things.
love eating some things.

Meeting everyone’s demands is a tricky business.
I’m pretty sure Aesop wrote a fable about it.

But, when it comes to catering for a meal, even Inmate Stewart would try her best to be inclusive.

And so..?
Having a knowledge of religious dietary laws can be #helpful!
Whether you stick to them, observe them or pick and choose between them.

… If for no other reason than it’ll make your search time a lot faster!




4 thoughts on “Lesson 21

  1. Yes, having people with varied food allergies/avoidance/preferences at the same time is a challenge! I suggest Miss Masters sorts her dinner guests by what they can eat! At least they’d probably all get on well together.
    Or go – as she did – vegetarian. I have to do this occasionally, but I’d always prefer a succulent roast beef or lamb followed by Lemon Delicate pudding. That sort of menu would finish ALL of her listed guests.
    And are you saying that she truly gave up on the Granny’s Yam Pudding in favour of Spicy butterbean, chickpea and butternut squash stew – which actually sounds edible‼ (And remember Ottolenghi has some truly appealing vegetarian options. Perhaps a bit fiddly – but yummy!)
    Where does a ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake fit into the scheme of things? I am sure it can be made with almond meal instead of flour.
    Stories about food will always appeal to me – and probably most of your other followers.
    And (yuk! yuk!) remember they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh ruthy! how i’ve missed your replies…

      mental note: keep mama happy with food posts.
      and men.

      love you, ruthy! xx


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