Lesson 81 – The Gift of Giving

Saying thank you.
It’s so difficult.
Asking for help.
It’s often times harder.
But each are necessary.
And both are important.

I’m going to revert to the Shul of Tash of old today, and give a lesson.
Today’s lesson centres around tzedakah.

Next week, we once again celebrate Rosh Hashana.
Also next week, I find my way back to Australia.
And tzedakah is particularly relevant for me at this time of this year.

It’s been no secret to a lot of people that 2017 (or 5777 if you wanna go by the Jewish Calendar) has been a tough one for the Rabbit Ash family.
Even if you didn’t know the specifics, you can probably take an educated guess via this and this.
So this, the coming to a year’s end, feels like the perfect time for some luck to change.

As we turn the page on the year 5777 though, and start the 5778 chapter of our lives, I think it’s nice to be able to find some silver lining to a darker year.

Lesson 81

I have struggled this year.

I also struggled in asking for help.
But, after berating my parents for that same behaviour, (who can say family trait?) I decided to do something about it.
I articulated difficulties to people, when I needed to.
And, on occasion, I reached out for help.

This has paid off.

I am beside myself with gratitude at the outpourings of support I’ve had – in many capacities – from so many people.
I am beside myself with gratitude at the outpourings of support my parents have had.
And I am beside myself with gratitude that I can be with them in Melbourne next week, to bring in 5778 together and look toward a brighter, shinier, happier new year.

I’m not going to name names.
I have given personal thanks.
But I wanted to use my experiences to encourage others.

If you don’t know anyone specifically who needs help, then there are plenty of organisations needing it.
Especially with the recent disasters around the world.
If you do know someone who may need help but hasn’t asked, it’s always worth a little message to check in on them.
And if you can’t afford to donate money, look at other things you can do.

I promise you, the karma/the positivity gods/the good vibes will pay it forward and reward you in kind when you need it.

For now, I’m going to go to Ruthy’s kitchen to bake her own honey cake recipe for her.
And if that’s not a full circle from last year, I don’t know what is.





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