Lesson 45

Happy new year!
Happpppppppy 2017!

So here we go.
It’s the time of the year that people start asking those questions…
You know the ones:
“What are your New Year resolutions?”
“I’m on a [insert name of current fad] diet for January – aren’t you doing Veganuary?”
“What did you get for Christmas?”
“What did you do for Christmas?”
“What’s the date again?”
(On that, watch this. Because it’s great.)
The inane questions.

We’re all equally guilty.
Rabbit Ash included.

So, how do we cope?
What do we do to combat this?
We all throw ourselves* back into work and forget that we ever had time off for the holidays at all.

What should we do?
Great question, you attentive bunnies.
… I don’t know.

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions.
I think I tried to for a few years.
You know, when you’re becoming a “grown up” because you’re finishing school and going out into the real world and society makes you think that it’s a thing you should do.
But I slowly realised that it was pointless.
I had no serious resolutions to make.
And/or I would forget about them pretty quickly.
Instead, I tried something different.
Instead of adding a resolution or five for the year, I just tried to self-improve year after year.
Sometimes in conscious areas.
Sometimes just generally.
Just an “up your game” message to myself.

To be honest, the time of reflection where upon these ideas form for me, is generally Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) rather than December 31st.
December 31st isn’t about that as much for me.
It’s more about taking a breath at the end of a quick-fire year and before the arrival of another.
But for the purposes of today, let’s talk through some ideas.

Lesson 45

Miss Jew-ish and I had lunchtime champagne and cheese on NYE.
It was delightful!
And we decided to make some plans for 2017.
That’s it.
It’s happening.
No excuses.
No “I always mean to do this…” or “I always want to do that…” – actual doing.

We’re going to book at least three weekend jaunts out of England for 2017.
Lots of people do that kinda thing.
But we don’t.
So we’re gonna.

We’re also going to schedule at least one weekend away within the UK.
Because there are so many amazing destinations a few hours train ride from London that we haven’t visited.
And we should!

I’ve decided that I am going to explore more of the bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes in my own area this year.
I always venture into the centre of London to meet friends or go toward their homes, but I live in a vibrant, atmospheric, amazing area.
I am sick of saying “I haven’t been there” when people talk about the venues near me!

Then there’s the personal stuff.
The self-reflective stuff I’ve already undertaken to do.
I’m continuing that stuff.
And don’t really feel the need to publish it publicly into the blogosphere.
But it’s happening.

I’m going to be upping my game in relation to correspondence with people – both in the UK, in Australia and in other places.
This includes sending physical mail.
Because getting old school mail (that isn’t a bill!) is the most exciting thing… and I want to spread that joy to others!

What else?
I don’t know yet.
The thing about these efforts rather than resolutions means that I can add to them as the year goes on.
Add to them as the thought comes.

I guess I could keep a record of them as a note in my phone…
Or a reminder…
Or a beautiful, hand-written inspiration board on my wall.
But, instead, I’m using the medium that began as a conscious effort last year – this!


PS I’m giving you, my bunnies, one effort I’d like you to try – leaving comments for me here! Starting with this:
What are your New Year plans/efforts/resolutions/decisions?

* No-one really throws themselves back into it, but we return to work and pretend to be conscientious.
And that’s what counts.
Of course right.
(The “Fiddler” reference I’ll never stop using – #musictheatrenerd)


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