Lesson 59 – An Ode to Bread

Dear bread
I thank you
I love you
For all that you give me
The comfort
The joy
The nourishment
I thank you

Dear bread
What would I do without you
How would I live
Without you I’m nothing
I’d waste away
You’re all that I eat
And your cousins
And pizza
And croissants
And a whole world of wonderful baked goods

Dear bread
I pray that I never develop a gluten allergy
I know you can be made without
But I feel our relationship would change
And I love us
The way we are
I don’t want us to change
I don’t want you to change
You may change my body shape
Or size
But not yet
Not yet

Dear bread
I love the things you can become
I love french toast
I love bread and butter pudding
I love toast
Just toast
It’s so good
Add eggs
Add salmon
Add avocado
Add baked beans
Add vegemite
Add nutella and banana
Add whatever you want
Not at once
I’m not an idiot
But most of all
Of all the things you and I make together
I love fairy bread

Dear bread
This week is Pesach
Because of this
Many Jews won’t be eating you
For a whole week
They’ll be depriving themselves
Without you
Without all of your relatives
I can’t go without you
I won’t go without you
And they shouldn’t either
You know why

Dear bread
I’ll never pass you over




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